Welcome to Trubey Designs, the source for needlepoint for all faiths.  I started my career in needlepoint by designing and stitching a bench with a lion motif for my mother (she was a Leo).  I certainly never dreamed that shortly thereafter a friend and I would open a  needlepoint shop in Blowing Rock, North Carolina, named Needle Nicely and I never dreamed that during the first year I would be asked to design  the cope for the consecration of the new Bishop of the Western Diocese of the Episcopal church. From then on, for nearly 35 years, I have  specialized in religion related needlepoint, from kneelers,  pew cushions, banners, alms basins and all the other possibilities in between. 

A few years ago when a request came to design three cushions for Westminster Abbey and was followed shortly with the opportunity to design kneelers and seat cushions Windsor Castle, Chapel of St. George, I realized the time had come to share my idea for Kneelers by the Square Inch with you. As you will see, this opportunity does not require any expensive custom design and yet it will create a beautiful kneeler to your specific measurements and at an affordable price. Your kneeling project can then be ready for your stitchers in a very short time. 

All projects seen here are carefully hand painted on 13 gauge canvas of the very best quality, using a thread count system which always makes the designs much easier  to stitch. This also guarantees that all symbols on every kneeler you choose in your series will match up in size.

The Kneelers by the Square Inch system makes it possible for you to "design" your own kneeling project. All you will need to do, is to provide an accurate measurement of the length and width of each of the kneelers you need to fit your kneeling area. Then choose the style of design that best suits your architecture and let Trubey Designs know which symbols you would like on your kneelers.

All of the symbols you see in these two categories are suitable for a kneeler which measures at least 11 inches wide (all of the symbols measure approximately9"x9"). Depending on the length of the proposed kneeler, one or more of the symbols may be entered on the space at no extra cost. In other words, the cost of your kneeler will be determined by the length multiplied by the width and not by the number of symbols chosen to be painted on it. If there is a special symbol you would like to use and we do not have it on our web site yet, please let us know and we will add it to the selection as quickly as possible.

You will also find a section devoted to custom design through the photos of some of the wonderful projects I have been a part of over the years. More information on custom designs is available as well as the costs and timing of such a project, upon your request.

Please remember that this web site will be a work in progress and additions will come on a regular basis. We look forward to hearing from you through the web site and I will be happy to place a call to you in order to discuss any questions you may have.