How  to determine the size of the kneelers needed

To determine the size of your kneelers just follow these simple instructions.

To determine these measurements multiply the length by the width of the left side of the kneeling area, then the gate area (middle) and then the right side. ( L x W = Square Inches) (Remember to measure inches not feet.)

E-mail  the square inch measurements for each of the three spaces to Trubey Designs and we will be able to determine how many individual kneelers you will need and recommend the number of symbols those spaces will attractively hold.

Remember, your cost is determined by the square inches you have measures, not by the number of symbols we determine that the space can display. In this way you can pre-determine your cost.


LEFT SIDE OF ALTAR  Length x Width  =________________________inches.

GATE (center) AREA Length x Width  =___________________________inches.

RIGHT SIDE OF ALTAR Length x Width  =________________________inches

If you wish to choose symbols for the kneeling area at this time, please remember that all symbols shown measure 9" x 9" square. In order to center 1 symbol nicely in the kneeling space we will kneed at least a 11" x 15" kneeler minimum. For 2 symbols we will need at least a 11" x 24" area minimum and for 3 symbols we will require at least a 11" x 36" area minimum.